Do What You Can't

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MAX JOSEPH'S, MY COLLABORATOR AND GENIUS BEHIND THIS VIDEO, CHANNEL MUSIC; 'Carte Postale' by Sløve from the album 'Le Danse': Spotify: / Apple Music Courtesy of Pschent Music: Huge thank you to all the creators to contributed to this video; Devinsupertramp - Roman Atwood -

Early roots of snow sliding in Turkey - this is a fantastic story!

The people of Petran, Turkey, have been snowboarding for roughly 300 years. It's not snowboarding as we know it, but you'll recognize it. In this film by WRKSHRT, we follow Alex Yoder and Nick Russell into Turkey's Kaçkar Mountains on a quest to unearth the unlinked heritage of snowboarding and have some fun in the process.

This is how you tell a story about a new product.

Fellow good collaborator Matt Sharkey of At The Workbench created this fantastic story. I love everything about this, Nice work Mathew!!

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Skate and Create

This was my mantra as a kid and it still is with me today - SKATE AND CREATE. Although I do not skate much anymore I have taken that concept to snowboarding, surfing, and cycling. The constant quest to innovate and express radness in my own way. I also find that most of my creative thinking is done while participating in the act of getting rad outside. This video illustrates that any sport can always be pushed to new creative levels - even when you think that everything possible has already been done. This is radness...

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"Trying something new in your life, no matter what you do, is always difficult."

Make change happen. This will help...

Join Xavier De Le Rue, Ralph Backstrom, and Sam Anthamatten as they journey to Alaska to attempt a new way to get up and down the fresh snow covered mountains. Timeline Missions ( in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Original concept Xavier De Le Rue: Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

This will turn the stoke meter to 11...

Snowboarding has been the biggest influencer of my life.  It all started in Junior High when I was a grom skateboarding as much as possible and often times ending up at the local skateboard shop (Sessions). Seeing the snowboards on the wall and watching the snow shred videos on the TV made me want to give it a try. Somehow, I managed to get my mom to rent a board and for my dad to drive my friend Brett and I to one of the only resorts in Tahoe that allowed Snowboarding - the infamous Soda Springs - wow, that was 27 years ago and the passion has not faded one bit. I have moved to ski towns to shred, I wrote my masters thesis on snowboarding, I moved to Vermont to work for Burton, spent hundreds of hours looking at snow and weather forecasts, traveled thousands of miles in search of powder,  and have met friends from all over the world. I look forward to what lay ahead and this short film helped me remember why I love snowboarding so fucking much...

projectDETOUR is a short film series about three trips to three destinations. We've been hiking waist deep powder in the Alps, we high fived sheep farmers in Greece and rode our motorbikes through the state of California. Have a look at the gems the projectDETOUR crew found while tripping through the Alps for a full month last winter. ----- DIRECTOR: David Bertschinger Karg CINEMATOGRAPHY: Yoann Hamonic, Stephan Maurer, Nathan Avila, David Bertschinger Karg, Liam Gallagher, Ryan Scardigli, Jesper Borg, Flavio Brombach EDITOR: David Bertschinger Karg GRAPHICS: Samuel Weidmann SOUND DESING: Chris Banks PRODUCTION: Hillton SPONSORS: Bataleon Snowboards, Volcom, Nixon, Smith Optics RIDERS: Shayne Pospisil, DBK, Nicolas Müller, Markus Keller, Deniz Cinek, Tor Lundström, Kevin Backström, Mike Knobel, Tyler Chorlton& friends MUSIC licenced through