Life at the Top of Mt. Tam

I have been lucky enough to spend hundreds of hours of my life on this mountain. This video captures just a fraction of some of the magic I have seen over the years. 

The video documents the (usually) very peaceful life of a fire lookout in the Gardner Lookout on the East Peak of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California. I've been a Marin County Fire Department volunteer lookout for two years and deeply love the mountain and the peace it brings to us here in the Bay Area. Perhaps this 6-minute video will convey some of the emotions I feel when sitting (and sleeping) on her peak. All timelapse editing done in Lightroom4 and LR Timelapse2. For more information about becoming a fire lookout in Marin County, visit

Go See the Telluride Mountain Film Festival the next time it passes through your town.

A few weeks back I spent a rainy weekend watching the Telluride Mountain Film Festival at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. Through the kindness of Julie from Jam Media Collective I found myself with a weekend pass. Thanks Julie!  Here are a few of my favorite films, check them out: Mending the Line ,  Tashi and the Monk ,  Valley Uprising ,  and last but not least, Sufferfest 2.

Put on your helmets and make sure your anchor is solid, because this movie is Sketchy. The mother of all sufferfest trailers!!!

AGE is no Match for Passion...


Age is just a number. Short documentary portrait of 62 years old Milos Kmetko from Slovakia. He is not a typical retiree, he does things which to his peers seems crazy and spends most of his time with young people. His greatest passion is snowboarding. Shot on canon 6D, Sony FS700 Follow me on for more photos, videos & updates.

A little Monday love from the rad cat's over at Mollusk Surf Shop.

Michael Kew was able to create one last edit for Mollusk before embarking on his indefinite journey to the Pacific North West. What could be better than the classic shredding of Travers Adler at Rincon? How about arching glides across those long, graceful Rincon faces in a pair of Mollusk boardshorts? Granted the water has cooled down a bit so there are several clips of Travers sporting our Mollusk x Quiksilver collaborative Pelican Wetsuit but Michael was able to catch some great shredding in the rare, warm water that was cruising through Santa Barbra this Fall. Thanks to Triathalon for letting us use their tunes!


Hard to believe I got my first pair of Vans over 30 years ago. They defined me as a person and still do to this day.  Check out this fantastic video...

Director / Editor: Eliot Rausch Director of Photography: Eric Koretz Assistant Camera: Adam Becker Music Composition: Adam Taylor Location Scout: Jeff McSpadden "Vans came to me with a proposal to create a short film that embodied the essence of their brand. The creative exploration and freedom they allowed me was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Pure trust, pure faith, in my abilities as a story-teller / director and as a friend. In creating this piece, it was profound to realize the success of their company, at its core, is based on a similar model they share with everyone they work with. To feel part of a brand, part of a family, part of an authentic creative expression, truly moved me to my core." - Eliot Rausch Special Thanks to: Steve Van Doren, Classic Hosoi, Ray Barbee, Leila Hurst, Steve Caballero, Keith Morris, Stephen Murray, Mason Murray, Seth Murray, Tony Alva, Curren Caples, Russ Pope, and Christian Hosoi An Production To read about how this was shot on the Red Epic using Canon Lenses go to

Don't forget about the printed photo.

I was scrambling to get Christmas Ideas and I just found Print Studio (formerly Printstagram). I just finished a book with 38 photos, for twenty five bucks in under 10 minutes - all on my phone! This is by far the best app I have ever used - from the directions on how to build a book to collecting my credit card info. Check them out and make something! 

Well that was fun, thanks for throwing such a great grand store opening party Mission Workshop.

That was the best store opening party I have ever been to. Why? It was in a beautiful space surrounded by great product - and most importantly, drew in the raddest folks that I know.  It was the two wheeled bicycle and all that goes along with it that pulled us all together; photographers, writers, bicycle magazine tycoons, frame builders, legends, designers, bloggers, marketeers, shredders, Illustrators, and brewers. Please check out one of my favorite bike related sites The Radavist  for a fantastic set of photos of the new space.

 Photo: Radavist Website Screengrab

Photo: Radavist Website Screengrab

Glory through suffering...

We are all affected by Cancer. This article and video struck a powerful nerve with me and I felt very compelled to share.

Words: Slate Olson | Photography: Jered Gruber | Date: December 3, 2014

Film by Kintaro Studios

Courage. We all suffer. Keep going.

Those are the closing thoughts of Graeme Fife’s essay on the battle faced by every cyclist, that between the mind and the body. Graeme’s was one of the earliest articles on the Rapha website and is fundamental to the Rapha mantra: ‘Glory through suffering.’ This idea of suffering has been interpreted, internalized and celebrated by cyclists who recognize that moment where pain, pleasure and satisfaction come together to transform the rider. We revel in the suffering because we seek the glory that accompanies achievement.

Perspective is a wonderful thing.

In Spring 2014, we met Justin McLean, a rider from Melbourne, Australia, who shared a story that resonated with us as cyclists, as parents, as human beings. His is a story all too familiar. Justin’s life received a jolt on 5th September 5, 2013, with the diagnosis of an aggressive form of bowel cancer. The 40-year-old father of three reacted brazenly, the way that any otherwise healthy athlete would: “Fuck this, I’m going to live.” Justin saw no other option, there were too many people who counted on him, people whom he loved too much to leave early. He had no ‘plan b’.

One way or another, it is reckoned that one-in-two people will be affected by cancer. With Justin’s ethos captured perfectly by a hashtag, #noplanb, his battle for survival started to gain momentum, with the help of his friends and through the support of his family and the people at PWC, where Justin is a Strategic Partner. When we met Justin, he was in the middle of his second round of chemotherapy and his story was still taking shape — with the bike firmly at its centre. On one of his darker days, Justin’s best friend, Adam Davis, loaned him a Watt Bike and made him another very special gift – a striking portrait of the Passo dello Stelvio, by the photographer Jered Gruber.

Adam gave Justin the expletive-filled advice only a best friend can, and the two came up with a plan – to celebrate the end of Justin’s chemotherapy treatment with a trip to Corsica to ride with friends. With Corsica as the carrot, Justin started putting in time on the bike during his treatments. Five minutes, five miles, whatever his body would allow. That moment, that photograph, that dark day, he made a pact to not merely survive cancer, but to live and to thrive.

And in some ways that was just the beginning of the story. Surprised at the fragmented and often alienating nature of the treatment process, in 2014, Justin founded Thrivor, an organisation that serves as an advocate for the needs of cancer patients, their family and caregivers. By bringing together health professionals, corporate sponsors and influential individuals, Thrivor is working with partners around the world to ensure the care pathway is of the highest possible standard. 

The essence of shredding...

Cruising the groomers is one of the first things a snowboarder does, but also one of the hardest to really master. Lots of people can ride fast, but it's not until you see a guy like Terje Haakonsen effortlessly blast a huge method off of a nonexistent bump, or Ben Ferguson lay down an armpit dragging carve that you realize just what's possible on a regular old groomer. Riding fast, getting creative, and looking good doing it are a few of the things that can really show how good a pro snowboarder is.

In the world of superpipes, triple corks, massive wedges in the backcountry, it's easy to forget what snowboarding is really about: making the most out of natural terrain and having fun. Whether locking into a tripod, dragging your chin on a carve, or slashing your way into the whiteroom, there is a lot of fun that can be had riding the groomers. Watch as two guys on each end of the spectrum show how much fun you can have just ripping around the mountain. After seeing Terje's method 55 seconds in, or Ben's backside 360 tripod at 1:17, you will be left open-mouthed and shaking your head with a few more tricks added to your checklist.