Angel Island Overnight with the Kona adventure team

Barry Wicks and Patrick Means from the Kona adventure team stopped by and swopped us at Mission Workshop for an overnighter to Angel Island. Barry happened to "know a guy" with a charter boat so we felt like high rollers on our way across the bay. The photos that Patrick took really captured the experience and tell our less than 24 adventure to the Island well. See more of Patrick and the Kona Adventures here.

Photo shoot with Outdoor Gear Lab

Our friends over a Outdoor Gear Lab ( best / must trusted outdoor - cycling review site I have ever used) reached out to Good Collaborative to get some sweet shots of their test bikes. Riding bikes and taking photos is one of my favorite things, especially when you get to ride rad bikes and shoot with a great photographer ( Jenna Rae )

Meet Elby.

I believe electric assist bikes can change your life. Elby reached out to lend a hand in creating some content for their social media. Armed with a Go-Pro and a sense of adventure here is what I found.

Bike for beer, and other rad things...

How cool is it that you can get free beer for riding your bike?!!  Check this out, also check out this great media article in SGB about Biko. I have been working with BIKO to help build partnerships and to help grow the apps user base. Check it out!

Biko is a mobile app that rewards people for biking around their city.

AirBnb Experience Project

I teamed up with Airbnb to create the ultimate Mt. Tam mountain bike experience. This has been a fun and challenging project. The reward came when John from Ireland and Leslie and her sister had an epic game changing day on our adventure. Leslie said the experience pushed her and reminded her of when she was a kid and how alive it feels to do things that scare us a little. I can also tweak the trip for PR purposes so if you are a brand and want to highlight a product or show some journalists or VIPS a really good time, I'm your guy, click here.


BONX featuring Bobby McMullen

This was a project I did with the great fellas over at True Communications. I was first introduced to BONX while doing some bike modeling work and I thought that the product would work very well for my good pal Bobby. BONX ended up sponsoring Bobby and we ended up making this short video for the client.  We had less than a week and very small budget, thanks to Albert ( camera/editing) we made it happen. 

Originally created by a snowboarding entrepreneur to help with communication among friends while shredding powder, BONX is now being used to help a sight impaired mountain biker. Bobby McMullen, an avid mountain bike rider and racer who has been riding off-road since 1995 used to rely on guidance from a rider or riders who agreed to guide him on trails—calling out turns, drops and obstacles. The system of guiding by talk was less than perfect and often resulted in back-and-forth between McMullen and his guide that sounded more like a shouting match. Then a friend and regular guide introduced Bobby to BONX Grip, a Bluetooth connected earpiece driven by a custom smart phone app. Pre-order your BONX Grip on our Indiegogo campaign:

Best Corporate Party EVER.

Mountain Hardwear wanted to do an extra rad themed Holiday party and I though how fitting it would be to have an Apres Skie themed one with a $500.00 cash prize for the best costume. I also picked out all of the collateral and had the ever talented designer Dani Nomura put the layout together. This is one of my favorite projects to date and the event was all time. The winner.... Kari, sitting in a hot tub ( a mobile hot tub she could walk around in).


California Radness is a web based show that highlights rad places to play outside, companies that make rad stuff for the outdoor experience, and the rad places we go inside to eat and drink. I hope this is just the start, one of my life goals is to motivate people to get active outside.  Join me on the California Radness adventure!

My first attempt at a voice over...

Mountain Hardwear

This video is the result of a brainstorming session with some awesome, creative, and talented people that  I am lucky enough to work with. We used our favorite filmmakers style  (Wes Anderson) and applied it to a product video. 

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition was putting together its first ever mountain bike "Mt. Tam Dirt Fondo" and the Good Collaborative wanted to help make the event extra awesome. What better way than capturing the riders as they passed the finnish line. We enlisted fellow Good Collaborator Shelly Gerrish of Captura Photo to make it happen and happen it did. We then word marked the photos with the MCBC Mt. Tam Fondo logo and put the on the interweb for all to see. Take a peak, they turned out really sweet.



Clif Bar

Clif Bar was holding a Star Wars themed sales meeting and wanted to do some really cool custom T-shirts so they turned to the Good Collaborative. SF Illustrator and Good Collaborator Chris McNally (check out his site, ah-mazing)  was fired up on the idea and the rest is history. He was even able to add Clif Bar employee Michael B. as Hans Solo.



ZOZI, a venture-backed startup in San Francisco, that lets you discover and book extraordinary experiences around the corner, around the world, and with celebrity expert guides, called up Good Collaborative with an assignment.

Film New York Times best selling Author Timothy Ferriss (The 4 Hour Work Week, The 4 hour Body, and the 4 Hour Chef) as he skiis Squaw with Jonny Moseley, power hang glides over Lake Tahoe, shapes a surfboard, learns to kite board in the bay, kayaks under the Golden Gate Bridge, and shoots arrows. 

Oh yeah, all in 3 days and with no “filming” interruptions and the ability, to keep up with Jonny Moseley, swim, not get sea sick and to help manage the whole experience.

It was a true pleasure to work with ZOZI and Tim. He is a super rad dude that has life figured out. I highly recommend you read his books and check out his blog. I was truly inspired by his ability and determination to learn all of these activities, especially the kite boarding lessons.

Tim Kite Boarding.jpg

The sun was setting and the wind was howling on the bay right below the final approach to SFO. He must have gotten dragged over 3 miles and taken on at least 5 gallons of water before he got up, but when he did - it was glorious.  I was on the wave runner shivering to the point that I barely could hold the camera steady but still managed to get some great footage.

A shout out to GoPro, the whole thing was filmed using two Hero 3 Black edition cameras. I used the chest strap, helmet mount, pole mount, wrist mount, and a slew of other riggings. We mounted it to the Kite, the wing of the powered hanglider, Jonny Moseley, the front of the kayak, wave runner, on ceilings, on floors, you name it. 

Some video screen shots from the Timothy Ferriss ZOZI project.

Some video screen shots from the Timothy Ferriss ZOZI project.


All I needed was a GoPro, I-Movie, and Vimeo to share my commute with the world. This was my first real effort in using video as a story telling medium. My co-worker and pal Justin Kirkwood helped fine tune the final edit and it puts a smile on my face ever time I watch it.